Usos Ecológicos

Confinamiento de residuos:

-Minimización, Tratamiento y Disposición Final de Residuos Industriales y Peligrosos.


Desastres naturales:

-Emergency Treatment of Army Camp Sewage.


Desulfurización de Gases:

-Flue Gas Desulfurización Manual

-How to clean air?

-Lime in Environmental Uses Flue Gas Desulfurization

-Role of Combustion and Sorbent Parameters in Prevention of Polychlorinated.

-Technical Paper Comparison between forced Oxidation Limestone and Magnesium enhanced Lime FGD Systems.

-The Impact of the Flue Gas Desulfurization on Lime and Limestones.

-The Lime and Limestone market for Sulfur Removal Potential for 1992.


Dispersión Química de Suelos Contaminados:

-The Treatment of Drill Outtings using Dispertion by Chemical Reaction

-Monitored Natural Attentuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons.

-Evaluation of Quicklime Application as a Method of Treating Contaminated Soils.

-Degradation vs Entrapment of Pahs and PCB´s During Slurry / Treatment with Hydrated Lime and Lime-Activated Persulfate.

-Land Contamination: Technical Guidance on Special Sites, Acid Tar Lagoons (Protocolo de remediación de suelos)

-Remediation Tech Guidance Calcium Oxide


Rellenos Sanitarios:

-Development of Refuse Derived Fuel RDF Pallets and Implications fot the Lime Industry

-Ecología Calihidra de Sonora

-Effective Use of Lime for the Treatment and Disposal of Municipal Bio-Residuals San Antonio, Tx

-Lime in Environmental Uses Solid Waste

-Lime in Environmental Uses Undustrial Waste Treatment with Lime

-Lime Treatment of Liquid Waste containing Heavy Metals Radionuclides and Organics

-Lime Treatment of Liquid Waste containing Heavy Metals (Processes for Treatment)

-The Use of Lime in the Dresing of Landfills for Waste Disposal

-Uso de la Cal en Rellenos de Tierra para Disposición de Desperdicios

-Usos de la Cal en Rellenos Sanitarios


Remediación de suelos contaminados:

-Remediación de Suelos Contaminados

-Use of Lime for the Treatment of Soils Contaminated by Hydrocarbons


Tratamiento de aguas:

-Análisis de Agua de Determinación del PH

-Chemical-Mechanical Treatment of Sewage by Philip B Streander

-Chemical Treatment of Sewage and Industrial Wastes

-Estabilización de Aguas de Desecho

-Industry Outlook

-Lime in Environmental Uses Municipal Waste Water Treatment

-Remediación en Bahias Costeras con Cal

-Tratamiento de Aguas Domest., minas, etc. 2010

-Usos de Cal en Agua Potable

-Usos de Cal en Tratamientos de Agua


Tratamiento de lodos:

-Advanced Alkaline Stabilization of Sewage Sludge

-Biosolids Market

-Chemical-Mechanical Treatment of Sewage

-Environmental Regulations and Technology Use and Disposal of Municipal Wastwater Sludge

-Estabilización con Cal de Lodos Provenientes de Plantas de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales Municipales

-Evaluating Biosolids Stabilization Technologies

-Excerpts from Survey on Sludge Managment and Equipment

-Lime Treatment of Sewage Sludge

-Modernizing and Enlarging an Activated-Sludge Plant

-Process Desing Manual for Sludge Treatment and Disposal

-Tratamiento de Lodos con Cal y Reducción de Patógenos

-Tratamiento de Lodos con Cal